Figurine making

i am a disabled american veteran, living with an incurable cancer
stemming from my exposure to agent orange,while in vietnam. in order
to keep from going crazy from boredom-believe it or not cancer can be
a boring disease- i returned to the love of my childhood, making toy
soldiers. i have now progressed to the point where i would like to
make my own, and , after perusing both the web and my local
libraries, i have decided that the sculpting of small figurines-say 3
or 4 inches in height-seems to lay in the domain of the jeweler’s art
more than that of the sculptor. accordingly i am interested in making
friends in the jewelers community, who could help answer my
questions-which are legion.any help would be appreciated,since there
is no one teaching the art of the figurine anywhere in arizona

Hey Gideon,

When I was much younger, about 30 years ago, I was given some pot
metal soldiers, not over 3 in high. The giver had casting molds, and
painted these very simple WWI doughboy figures very authen tically.
So the stuff is out there. Fishermen do similar activities with
sinkers and jigs, vis-a-vis pot metal casting. Probably a good place
to start is stores that deal in fantasy/ role playing/ war gaming.
Think Dungeons and Dragons, stuff like that.

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