Fiesta Arts Fair - San Antonio

Hi All -

I don’t get to read much on here anymore… But hope you are all
doing well.

I am doing an outdoor show in San Antonio (The Fiesta Arts Fair -
put on by the Southwest School of Arts and Craft) and don’t really do
outdoor shows… (have family and friends that will make it a dual
trip - you know the story). I am strongly considering freighting my
booth there, and to save on some weight, I wonder if anyone is in the
area, not doing the show would have and be willing to lend me an
enclosed canopy? Or know someone else that would or could. If so,
since I am in the process of opening a Gallery here, filling
wholesale orders and trying to get ready for the show… could you
please e-mail me directly at either: or

Thanks so much in advance!

jody ochs

PS - if anyone is familiar with the show, I’d be very interested to
hear your thoughts as well. One of my students from John C. Campbell
recomended it, and I know little more than that.