Fiber Laser cutting

Does anyone here use a fiber laser to cut precious metals? I am looking at the TRIUMPH LASER MACHINE, it looks to be one of the only machines that is designed to cut metal not just engrave it, and to be a jewelry sized work area. It is made in China and I am bit hesitant because I have not been able to get my questions answered completely.

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I operate a large fibre laser cutter. We use it only for steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass. It cannot cut copper or precious metal AFAIK, something to do with the reflectivity of those metals when melted. I don’t know if this is true for all fibre laser machines but i would make sure you clarify that before buying.


I worked for a company that laser engraved mostly jewelry keepsakes. We used the Rofin Easy Jewel from Coherent. Not cheap, but gold, silver, platinum, steel, titanium are all engraved on this machine. Lots of testing to determine correct settings, but clean crisp engraving. There were a couple other makes we had tried, but settled solely on the Easy Jewel. You can figure if it works for Tiffany and Stuller, it’s good.


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