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FGA and GG

James Marker from the GIA Library here.

GG stands for Graduate Gemologist. This is an educational
credential offered by the Gemological Institute of America. You
can find out about GIA’s educational offerings and request a
catalog at (If you have
a text-only browser, email me at @James_Marker1 for more

The GG can be done in a six month long resident program at a GIA
campus, or by distance education. Here are the current
requirements to complete the GG by study at home:

Five Distance Education courses in: Diamonds; Diamond Grading;
Colored Stones; Gem Identification; and Colored Stone Grading.
(And a supervised comprehensive exam.) Three Extension classes
in: Diamond Grading; Gem Identification; and Colored Stone

Quote from GIA’s site: "The GG is designed to give the student
product knowledge and an education that shows how to translate
absolute integrity and expert product knowledge into consumer
trust and increased sales.

As a G.G., you bring employers extraordinary expertise in
promoting the unique relationship between beauty, quality, and
value in each product you sell. You speak the language of the
world’s leading jewelry professionals and turn inquiries into
well informed purchases.

For customers, your G.G. credential represents a 67-year-old
tradition of GIA integrity and knowledge. Consumers will sense
your impartial professionalism and confidence immediately.
They’ll feel safe in purchasing merchandise on the strength of
your expert advice. And they’ll want to return to you for future

I’m not an FGA, but here’s how I understand it. I have often
heard said that the educational material produced by the
Gemmological Association of Great Britain tends to be a bit more
"technical" than that produced by the Gemological Institute of
America, such as to include more detailed knowledge of subjects
like mineralogy. (Hopefully, an FGA member will chime in and
explain it better than I am able to.)

The FGA is actually a “membership” (Fellowship of the
Association). For details you can also go to the web site for the
Gemmological Association of Great Britain located at

There you’ll find out about the “Diploma in Gemmology, leading to
FGA membership” and the “Gem Diamond Diploma, leading to DGA
membership.” There are four categories of membership: Ordinary
membership; Fellowship; Diamond membership; and Laboratory

Quote from the GAGB site: “After sucess in the Diploma in
Gemmology examination, you are eligible to apply for Fellowship
of the Association and, while remaining a member of the GAGTL,
may use the coveted letters FGA on business cards and letter
headings. The Diploma and Fellowship are renowned worldwide for
their professional and scientific status.”

Also, there are annual dues or “subscriptions” required to
continue FGA membership once you join.

Hope this helps… and best regards to all from GIA for a happy
and healthy 1999,

James Marker, GG
GIA Online