Few time savers

I too love my plier rack and would have felt decadent ordering
one so searched for a better solution while doing regular
shopping. I found a white plastic coated wall mount spice rack.
( If I didn’t have a wall I would have mounted it on a piece of
wood to set on my bench rather than hang on the wall. It does
work better on a wall, though) It has an upper and lower
section. In the upper section I keep my Burr Life, a bottle of
aolchol/borax solution, various adhesives and some flux which I
put in a new spice bottle with a plastic screw cap. On the
bottom rack I hang my pliers. The rack was .99 on sale and has
really helped me to tidy up my bench. I think the style was on
a close out but there are similar racks still available. Linda

Kathy, my pliers rack is made from a length of coat hanger, bent
and attached to the front of my bench pan. It is very convenient
to just reach down, with my correct hand (left) and grab, having
to look up from my work. Curtis

Hi Folks,

I found that a small chromed hand towel/wash cloth rack screwed
to the shelf in front of me (attached to your pegboard or
whatever) makes a very sturdy pliers rack. I also second the
notions of Rios tiered circular burr holder and the magnetic
strips. I have the magnetic strips screwed to the face of the
shelf in front of me and use them to keep my waxing spatulas,
punches, and anything magnetic off the bench and where I
(hopefully) can find it. Did you ever have a mandrel mounted
stone that didn’t quite have the right shape? There is a piece
of very brittle but strong abrasive from Norton abrasives called
a ‘Norbide’ stick. They are about3" x 5/8" x 3/8". They are
used by tool and die makers. It will shape your stones (even
aluminous oxide ) and rubber wheels, and will last about 2
lifetimes. There is also an industrial diamond set into a steel
cylinder that will also shape any stone. We use quite a few
stones in dental work and either one of these gadgets will save
their cost in about a month in normal conditions. You can
replace a very sharp edge on a stone with either one. For
rubber wheels, cylinders, etc we in dentistry use a piece of
model grinder wheel. The closest thing I have seen to it is
those carborundum wheels that they use to cut a line in cement.


Linda, Saw a thingy in a magazine today that might appeal to you.
They called it a “book”. Pieces of plywood 16x24x3/6 thick. The
wood was hinge mounted, two places to 3/4 blocks which in turn
were mounted to the wall. Looks like the pages of a book. Tools
were mounted to each side of the page and the pages turned for
access to the tools.Looked like a great way to store tools not
frequently used. The picture showed table saw blades, files and
coffee cups all off the floor and neatly hung-up.

Bill in Vista