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Ferric Nitrate Stain Removal

Is there a cleaner or chemical that will remove Ferric Nitrate
stains from countertops or work areas? If I notice a small spill I
wipe it up right away, but a day or so later a horrible red stain
will appear.

Any suggestions?

Catherine, go to a boat supply store and purchase oxalic acid
crystals, it is also sometimes available from woodworking shops, it
is used as a bleach for wood.

Use a paste for deep stains and use dilute in a spray bottle for
general cleanup.

James McMurray

 Catherine, go to a boat supply store and purchase oxalic acid

Bar Keepers Friend contains oxalic acid and is found in a lot of
grocery stores. Works great on copper bottom pots, by the way. No
need to go to hardware store.

Bar Keepers Friend contains oxalic acid ...

And Zud as well. There are lots of products to get iron stains out
because iron in water is a common problem.

Christine in Littleton, Massachusetts

I purchased Bar Keepers Friend this weekend and it worked great. I
tried Zud prior to buying this stuff, and Zud didn’t work at all for
the Ferric Nitrate stains - didn’t even make a dent.

I used to buy straight oxalic acid to originally to clean up the
solid maple cutting block counter tops in my first house. (not maybe
the best idea but it worked) my source dried up and I used
barkeepers friend. Zud has been working for me but the MSDS calls
for 1 - 10 % oxalic acid while barkeepers friend calls for 10 %… ??
I have 2 cans of zud which work but maybe the sell different
concentrations different places ???

Lapidaries use 100% oxalic acid for some mineral polishing --the
local people have a tough time getting it…