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Feeler gauge fir rolling mill!


i was checking out the economy mills on the contenti website, and saw this “new item”…feeler guage for rilling mill!

so weird, i was rolling today and was thinking i needed something like this!


I keep a set next to my rollers, have for years.

My first reply was brief as it was from a prone position at 3:00 AM. Feeler gauges are a quick way to figure out how out of parallel your rollers are, but they don’t take into account the effect of whatever play there might be on either side of the top roller when you actually are rolling stock. If I have the time or need, I will roll a piece of annealed copper or brass wide enough to cover the flat area of the rollers and then use a micrometer or similar gauge and measure and actual piece of stock to see how much variation there is in thickness over the width of the rollers. You can then make whatever adjustments are needed from these measurements…Rob


How often would you do this kind of diagnostic/maintenance?

Only when I have a problem with the pieces I am rolling and after I clean the rollers.

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