Feedbeck [YAK]

Thanks to all who responded and to those who are about to…:slight_smile:

Please allow me to take the liberty and share with the list the
feedback I have recieved.From: Joan963@aol.com Received: by

You are doing a great job. I like the shorter format without
previous postings being added into the follow-up letter. Less to
go through. Thank you too for fixing that loop- I must have had
100 posts of undeliverable mail that I didn’t even bother to

On one of the days, there was a question for Fisher’s address
which I answered but never saw. Could have been one of those
that I deleated. If the address didn’t get through all of the goop

  • please let me know and I will repost it.

My answer:
==>I think it will be easier to repost the message than to go
through the Archive to find it. Please repost it :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!

From: “J. Fouts” fouts@hawaii.edu

Dr. Aspler,

Thanks again for relieving the list of that loop of ccMAIL
SMTPLINK messages that were overburdening our systems.

For me, it’s a little disconcerting to see that every orchid
message is addressed to me rather than the list. But, do
whatever it takes to avoid a recurrance of those looping


My answer:
==> The new operating methods prevents Email loops, Unsolitated
file attachments. and spaming. I don’t stop any other message!
just clean it a bit from repeating sig. Thank you for understanding

From: henry see too slomkt@pc.jaring.my

Dear Dr. Aspler, I just got back into the discussion forum
last night, and received my first 12 postings. Well, its
cleaned of the trash rebounds, thank you. Great job, Dr.

From: Laurence Veska lveska@mrt.tas.gov.au

The new operating method suits me fine, having all messages from the
forum with sender now = orchid is handy, as it allows
personal/business email to quickly be distinguished from
discussion-group email. And if this also cuts down on repeat messages
etc., all the better! thanks,

Laurie Veska.

From: Candyce05@aol.com

Dr. Aspler,

I appreciate the job you are doing, more than I can properly

One example is the last post I made before receiving your
request for feedback. I often respond to a post, send it,
then realize it would have been better to update the subject
line on my reply. I see you did that on the post concerning
building a polishing cabinet.

This will help Orchid to continue to improve.


From: Susan Chenoweth schenoweth@pipeline.com

Dr. Aspler,

The only things I have found about the moderation of the
list has been the inability to identify the poster in my
mailbox without opening the letter. It also means that I need
to cut-and-paste if I want to reply directly to that person
via private e-mail; not really a problem, so if this will
keep the bounced messages from inundating the list, so be it!
I know this has created a lot of extra work for you and
just want you to know I really appreciate your efforts.

Many thanks!

C Gems
Original Designs and Period Jewelry

From: Kim Keyworth kimk@well.com

Hi Dr. Aspler,

I prefer the way it was before. When my mail comes in now,
the only thing I see is “Orchid” rather than the actual
sender of the post. While I appreciate that you are taking
the time to remove excess “noise” on each post, I think that
over time we have seen more editing happening anyways. I know
this sounds juvenile, but it bothers me to know that the mail
is being read before I see it, even if you aren’t removing
anything. Don’t take this personally - it wouldn’t matter
who was doing it, it would bother me. And isn’t this alot of
extra work for you?

I appreciate all the time and effort you put in.


From: Richard Knight knight1@apple.com

Sorry Dr. A.

I was having to delete so many megabites of mail that I was
forced to unsubscribe from the mail list until you got it
under control. Since I was reactivated this morning I
haven’t seen any problems! Thanks God. I would have really
missed this list.


From: “David D. Arens” 102545.2614@CompuServe.COM

Dr. Aspler,

You’re doing a superlative job!

The Forum is a great place to share ideas/thoughts with
others in the jewel(le)ry trade. I know the sharing of info
has helped me a lot already and will help more in the future.
I’m sure it’s the same for most every one.

Hope the ‘bounced msg’ problem hasn’t cut the ‘attendance’

I’ll be glad to give Eve any support I can.

A day without Orchid is like a day without sun!


Dr. E. Aspler
Managing Director
Ganoksin Jewelry Co.,Ltd.