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Feedback on Revere's JT intensive program


I am looking to connect with former Revere Academy students. I would
like to get some feedback before I take the plunge and take out a
loan for the JT intensive program. Can anyone offer positive or
negative experiences with the school? How did you like the courses?
Were looking to find a job after school or interested in opening
your own business? If you were looking for a job afterwards, were
they helpful in placing you, or was it less than satisfactory in
that regard? Any info would be helpful to me…


Hi Ashley,

I would recommend the JT Intensive at Revere Academy. It is an
efficient way to learn a vast amount of and hands on
experience without filler in a short amount of time.

I did find a job after school through a teacher. It wasn’t exactly
what I wanted…It was a job selling diamonds wholesale. But it was a
very interesting view into the world of diamonds (and it helped me
pay off my school bills) I wasn’t looking for a bench jeweler job
anyhow, I was more interested in saving up for my tools and doing my
own thing.

I had taken previous classes in high school and a community college
before deciding to go to the Revere Academy. Those classes paled in
comparison. At the Revere Academy, I learned the most efficient
approach to the building blocks of jewelry making.

What you shouldn’t expect though, is to have your creativity
nurtured. There is not much emphasis on art history or jewelry theory
type stuff in the classes. They teach you techniques and skills. This
school is really good for someone who already has creative vision,
and needs to acquire the skills to execute the idea.

What I found very insightful also was the guest speakers they had in
the class. It gives you a better idea of what it would be like if
you took different paths with your jewelry.

Of course as with anything, you get out of it what you put into it.
Usual disclaimers, no affiliation. Just a satisfied student. If you
have any other questions feel free to contact me offline.

Good luck,


Thank you for your input. I’ve gotten mixed reviews from other so
far. I already took Fab 1 at Revere Academy and I was very pleased
with that class. What I got from that class was what made me want to
sign up for the JTI program. I actually went ahead and signed up
because I finally found out that I got the loan to pay for it. I’m
looking forward to it this fall.

What you said about not having creativity nurtured, was something I
already had a feel for when I took a tour there. Which is fine
because I have always been a creative person. I have the ideas, I
just need the technique to produce a finished product.

I appreciate the feedback!


Hi Ashley,

Congratulations on booking your course at the Revere Academy - I am
green with envy! :wink: From what I’ve read on Orchid, you’re taking
exactly the right route to your chosen career, especially as you
already have the artistic vision and it’s just the techniques you’re
wanting to learn.

If I were living in the States and particularly in San Fransisco, I
would sign up to the course you’ll be doing. Mind you, if I were
still living in Birmingham, I would try to find training in
Birmingham’s jewellery quarter. However, metalwork found me later in
life and I am so happy I found Orchid which is an enormous help to
me, whilst learning this craft. All the best for your studies and I
hope you have lots of fun along the way - as this jewellery making
lark sure is a whole load of fun!