Feedback on Gemorex company

Hi All,

Several months ago, I received an email from a jewelry manufacturing
company by the name of Gemorex.

We are wondering if there are any “orcidian’s” out there who have
worked with this company?

Also, do any of you have or would like to pass on for a
reliable manufacturer of quality work for casting and finishing
jewelry and who can produce and deliver quantity in a timely manner?

If you would like to contact me directly, please use the info below.

Thank you.
Mary Ann Archer

Mary Ann Archer Inc.

Is this company from New York or from India as ther is a name of a
company in NewYork Ny that does mainly beads?

Lee Horowitz
Peru Blue Opal Ltd

When I still attended Tucson, I bought from Gemorex a number of
times. No problems. It’s been a while.

Marianne Hunter

I have worked with Gemorex (NY) for several years and I feel they are
very reputable. I only buy from them at shows. They claim that they
don’t deal in treated stones and I’ve found that to be true. Their
quality of gemstone beads and loose stones are good.


Gemorex is apparently both and in both locations. They deal in
stones and also manufacturing.

Mary Ann Archer, Inc