FedEx insurance

Hi All,

At PMWest we went through the wringer during the now forgotten UPS
strike. Fair disclosure-We now use FedEx Declared Value Exception
service via MJSA’s special program. FedEx will exceed $500 only if
you are on a DVX contract. I think you can get this on your own or
via other org’s like AGTA. Those contract contain all the important
details like exclusions and limitations. And the rule requiring the
longest word available to be used at all times… Just kidding.
Seriously we are very happy with FedEx DVX. Yes, its air only.
Valuables do not belong in unattended trucks while refueling or
whatever. We are stuck with the air rates.

That’s hard on a tight budget, but the costs of uninsured goods make
me shudder. I’ve seen summary dismissals for this error. Promising
careers damaged.

We learned some weird, very unexpected things from the "fine print"
buried in their “tariff” section online. -UPS-Will insure precious
metals at or below 50% precious content ONLY!!! Why is this
weird?!-10kt gold at 41.66% precious and about $292 per ounce
cost-Insurable. Sterling at $13.00 per ounce? Not at 92.5% precious.
Not going to pay.

Loose Diamonds?-Hey, I sell metals and have no idea what is up with
stones-FedEx or UPS.

Insured and affordable-? Try registered mail. It works great for
incoming scrap for refining. Protects our customers interests
reasonably well. Slow, reliable.

Daniel Ballard
Precious Metals West
National Sales Manager will insure packages, as long as the insured lives in the
US. I’ve had people use it on my behalf for sending me beads and
other jewellery components. It’s cheap, and easy to use. You’d have
to check if they do insure finished jewellery, though.


ONE Service and Parcel Pro both specialize in private insurance for
jewelry shipments. It’s the way to go, I’m a long-time user.