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[Featured Products] Legor Master Alloys


The Legor Group is the worldwide leader in the production of master
alloys. We offer a complete and vast range of products acknowledged
universally as the ultimate performers where color, mechanical
properties and workability are concerned. Incorporating these metals
into your production guarantees the best possible results for gold
productions, both in lost-wax as well as in mechanical working

The Legor Master Alloys Division offers a full range of products

  • Alloys for white, yellow and pink gold
  • White alloys nickel-palladium free
  • Master alloys for silver and ready to use Silver alloy with high
    anti-tarnish properties
  • Soldering alloys
  • Palladium 950 ready to cast
  • Platinum 950 ready to cast

For products and technical assistance please call 1-718-784-7010