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[Featured Product] Delcam's ArtCAM JewelSmith 2010


Delcam’s ArtCAM JewelSmith allows jewellers or pewter-, silver- and
goldsmiths, to create highly crafted personalised or custom pieces or
new complete lines with ease. Jewellery can be created directly in
the ArtCAM CADCAM (Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing) software or
if master model makers prefer they can first: draw their designs,
hand sculpt a 3D model or create the piece in a familiar CAD package.
Their work can then be simply scanned or imported directly into the

To see how the piece will look the model can be rendered at any time
and a fully dynamic 3D PDF can be sent to customers for approval.
Once the design is ready for rapid prototyping or CNC machining,
ArtCAM JewelSmith’s integrated machining wizards will set the machine
toolpaths or provide the necessary output files.

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