[Feature Product] Design & Set Jewelry Design System

New Design & Set™ Jewelry Design System Enables Customers to
Create Their Perfect Engagement Ring… and try it on in Just

Finally…the end of “just imagine.” Now, “just imagine” can become
“try it on and see how it looks!”… thanks to the revolutionary
Design & Set™ jewelry design system from Hatton Designs of

Design & Set™ creates an easy, precise method for mounting stone
settings onto shanks. This patent pending, easy lock/unlock system,
enables ring components to mate perfectly and instantly lock into

Investment cast Design & Set™ rings feature a premium surface
that needs minimal additional finishing. The rings are available in
a 18k white alloy called “18 Zero™” (contains 13% Palladium and
is nickel-free). Also available is a premium18k yellow & 14k white &

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