[Favorite tips] Wax Welding

I’ve been reading the “Tips” posts and have noticed many are
using heated needles, wires, etc., for wax welding. I tried
that as well many years ago, but found that temperature control
was a problem. So, I decided there must be a better way. And
there is. I made a gadget I can use with my wax worker that
allows me to have a steady temperature for working in tight,
tiny spaces with complete control. Build up tiny prongs,
correct small flaws in wax, get in tight spaces where the normal
tips would wreck everything. Contact me off list and I will
tell you all about it.

Tip for getting into small places with a wax pen. Wrap a copper
wire, one from a telephone wire, around the end of your wax pen
leaving the end open to a point. It will conduct the heat and
you have a fine, controlled heat source to clean up your waxes,
especially the injection kind. I personally have the foot pedal
waxing tool on mine with the tempter control base. I have
accurate control. I am quite spoiled from my old alcohol lamp
and dental pick days. But on occasion, still go back for the


Working on a wax today, I used an add-on wax tip for the purpose
of adding partial bevel and chevron ends too evenly spaced
trillions. Trying to do this with a standard tip is to messy.

All you need to use is a piece of binding wire and wind it (like
tying shoes) aroung the end of the existing tip. Be sure you
have the new wire no farther than 5mm away; so it gets good heat
flow from the main tip. If you fold in half and add this tiny
loop, you’ll see how it holds a tiny amount of wax, instead of a
single wire. With a single wire the wax runs up a bit and is
much harder to use than a double wire that forms a resevoir.
Hope I didn’t steal your thunder? Add your wax “tip” to all.