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[Favorite tips] wax extruding syringes

One of this days when I was injecting wax in my rubber molds by
suggestion of Sydney I found out that I could make wax sprues or
extruded wax when you leave the wax in the syringe to solidify then
I push the wax out, Then I made the hole in the syringe bigger to get
wider gauges of wax wire.

Marcos, Drinking straws work well for this also.Just put the end of
the straw on the end of your injector and shoot.Low pressure.Slice
with a scalpel and remove the sprue.If you can find paper straws they
work great as you just peel the paper off.I bought a cake decorator
kit years ago that had different tips on a metal syringe.There were
stars and flower shapes among others.That was alot of fun.I noticed
that people are selling the same set up for PMC clay.
Regards J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio

Hi J Morley I bought something that could be the same metal syringe
that you descrived as a cake decorator . and it is to make extruded
clay forms but I have found a big disadvantage in the plunger which
is not well calibrated with the inner part of the syringe and when
you try to push the wax out from the front it tends to come out from
the back which has millimeters of clearance between each part and it
acts as if a piston of a car were loosing compression. the only way
that we might improve this defect is to have a new plunger machined
to the exact bore of the syringe. Marco

Marcos, I never had that problem with the one I used.They are fairly
cheap and cheaply made so they may vary in tolerances from unit to
unit.You might try going to where you bought it and checking the
clearance from one to the next.Also I use the turquoise wax dots from
Rio Grande in my wax injector.Regards J Morley Coyote Ridge studio