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[Favorite tips] Soldering tweezers


G’day; take a pair of cross-locking tweezers and drill a 4mm
hole in the back end. Grind the business ends to matching
rounded points. Get a metal jar lid and fill it with molten
lead. When cold, place the tweezers upon it and using a short,
round head 4mm self tapping screw, fasten the tweezers tightly to
the lead. Done! Use for holding rings, jump rings, chain, or
any small job to be soldered or heated, as the small points don’t
absorb much heat. You’ll soon wonder how you ever did without it.

    /\      John Burgess
   / /
  / /
 / /__|\
(_______)  In sunny temperate Mapua NZ -
Late Autumn And it is STILL sunny