[Favorite tips] Solder Pick

     One for you. They have stainless steel welding rod, which
is the best gold solder pick I've found. 
Another useful solder pick: I use a piece of 2 mm titanium,

just tapered in one end and bent in the other, so it will not
roll on the bench. I think one should be very lucky to get solder
to stick to this. Best Regards, Niels.

This is a wonderful thread!! More about containers: The long
plastic boxes that toothbrushes come in make great containers
for needle files, fine brushes etc. Just tape over the holes on
the top and bottom so nothing slips out.

To keep my sawblades separate snd easy to get to, I bought
plastic tubing, cut it into 7" lengths and sealed the bottom
with another piece of plastic and epoxy. A small cork in the
top keeps it all sealed, and I usually put the size blade on the
tube itself with a dark marker. Sandra