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You can take a piece of coat hanger wire and bend it in a circle
about 3 1/2" in diameter. At the joint, insert another piece of
coat hanger about 6 1/2’ perpendicular to the circle and then
hard solder the joint, You now have a device that looks like
a letter O stuck on a stick joined to one of the edges. A round
piece of screen is cut to fit the circle and it is either wired
or soft soldered to the circle. The upright can be bent and
hung on the wall of your ultrasonic, or those of you who use
beakers, into the beaker, to keep small parts together when

In dental labs we use ‘pans’ to keep all of the parts of the
case together in one spot. These pans are pretty spacious and
they stack. They have a clip to hold the dental Rx that I use
to hold a 4" x 6" card on which I put pertinent information
about the project i.e. description, metal type/weight/cost,
stone weight and type, solder(s) used and where, etc. I now
have a hard record of the creation which can be filed in an
index. These pans come in various colors so you can segregate
them into categories and they are washable in the dishwasher.
They cost less that $20 per dozen from any dental supply house.

In metallic cartridge reloading (it is also used elsewhere),
there is a product called Accro-bins. These bins vary in size
from about 4" x 6" x 2 1/2 up to I think quite a bit bigger.
The unique aspect of these little gems is that they fit onto a
frame which mounts to the wall. They are held in place by the
shape of one end of the bin which interlocks into the frame.
They are very strong.


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