[Favorite tips] saw blade storage

Hi Everyone- This is such a fun thread, other folks tips give us
the chance to tell what we do…such a great job we have!

To keep my sawblades separate

Many, many years ago I worked at a retail jewelry store and I
would save the long plastic boxes that watch bands came in. They
had a great top loading cover that would remove to leave half the
box exposed. This made picking out just one sawblade with
calloused, cut, rough and dirty fingers, much easier. I have
been using these same boxes(labeled with their cut) for years.
Its always maddening to have zips of sawblades that come from
Rio without the size on them-just the stock number! This helps.

thanks for sharing everyone!


I also like to keep my saw blades separate. I use the plastic
tubes (clear) with stoppers in them. Seed beads used to come in
them. I bought mine at Penland School a few years ago. I mark
the blade size on the tube with a Sharpie. Makes them easy to
carry to workshops, teaching, classes, etc. I cut them shorter
to about 2 1/2" and use them for sizing drill bits, the tiny
ones. Love this subject!!! Gini in already very hot Tampa bay

Another good container for tiny drill bits and small burrs is
the container for Pentel or Pilot pencil leads. And those
little Pez containers are great for storing innumerable
things. My friendly neighborhood wine store used to dispose of
those empty two-or-three-bottle wooden gift boxes, which are
very useful for storing infrequently used tools, etc. Let’s
hear more storage tips. This is fun. >D<

In an emergency, I found you can store saw blades in a plastic
drinking straw, with a couple of balsa wood cubes forced onto
the ends as stoppers. Could also use beeswax, and have your
blade lubricant at your fingertips.


One of our customers is a cigar smoker. I “recycled” several of
his cigar tubes and use one per blade size. For holding needle
files and my gravers safely and in order, I had my husband kerf a
series of cuts in a 2x4, and then we glued a piece of masonite on
top of it. Above that, we mounted another piece of board at a
tilt with a series of holes drilled to hold the flex shaft tools.
The tilt makes it more convenient for seeing and reaching the
burr or polishing felt I want.

Judy Shaw
Jasco Minerals