[Favorite tips] Pave Setting

When bead or pave setting dust the mounting and stones with talcum
powder. This will eliminate the glare, providing a better view of
the metal beads and stones. You can make a “dusting bag” by placing
talcum powder in the center of a cloth handkerchief. Use enough
powder to form a ball about the size of a golf ball. Secure the
loose ends with a rubber band. The banded end will serve as a
handle. Tapping the ball of powder once or twice against the
mounting will provide sufficient powder on the mounting. Brad Simon

I have used Brads dusting procedure for years and have just this one
thing to add as a safety precaution. Talc is an inorganic substance
that will collect in your lungs and will NOT be able to be removed by
natural body functions. In other words, black lung disease. I suggest
using corn starch as a talc replacement both as a dusting agent for
settings and for molds when wax injecting. In a career of ,hopefully
25 to 50 years, even the small contaminations can add up.
My two cents for your better health. Frank Goss