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[Favorite tips] Hollow objects


Larry, I have dealt with the problem of hollow leaking and causing a
rash in what I believe is a very simple way. I use the boric/alcohol
dip, do the soldering job usually without flux, skip the pickle and
use the ultrasonic instead. Then I towel dry or steam before cleanup
and polish. Back in the ultrasonic then a long dip in plain water,
steam it then finally leave it on top of the steamer allowing the
warmth to evaporate any remaining moisture left inside. The ultrasonic
quickly dissolves the coating we normally remove with pickle.

Patty Rios


Another solution just popped into mind. a friend of mine was
engraving a bell using a reciprocating hand piece. What a noise. We
came up with the solution of filling the bell with the pre packaged
insulating foam. Worked great. killed the noise and would probably
supply the support you need. When finished just rinse it out with
acetone. It dissolves the foam. Be careful of acetone hazards. Frank


Larry, We make quite a few hollow sterling belt buckles. There are two
small holes drilled in the back to let the air escape during the the
soldering process… I purchase hypodermics & syringes at the local
feed store for vaccinating my puppies, wash them afterwards - and use
them to inject a baking soda and water solution until there is no
further reaction to the sparex. Then I flush them with water, and
blow the water out by putting the steamer nozzle over one of the
holes. Set them on top of the steamer to dry out the rest of the

Brian P. Marshall