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[Favorite tips] containers and a patina


More boxes . . .

In my “container” posting (Haagen Dazs lids, etc.) I forgot the
cigar boxes. Gosh, how would I live without them? They’re
getting increasingly hard to find. If you smoke them yourself,
you’ve got it made. Otherwise, hound a smoke shop.

For those of you who can never get enough boxes and small
containers, allow me to recommend Golden acrylic paint boxes. (A
large art supply store can recycle these your way.) They are
double sided corrugated cardboard, about the size of a 4x6 index
card. They used to have a separate lid, but now the lid and the
insert is all molded together. You have to cut on the
perforations to remove the insert, and the lid tucks in. These
are especially great for shipping small items.

Lest you think I do nothing but collect containers, here’s a
patina tip: household bleach will color sterling silver dark
brown. Unlike liver of sulfur which creates a sulfide, bleach
creates the oxide, which has a lot of yellow in it. A great color
variation, and on matte finishes tends to resemble old leather.
(This tip courtesy of Kris Patzlaff.)

This is a fun thread! I’ve learned a lot.

Rene Roberts


Hi Rene,

My son worked at a Tinder Box smoke shop in a mall. I think
that this store is one of a franchise. These stores sell
wooden cigar boxes for less than a dollar. The ones that I
have are put together better, using prettier wood than much of
the furniture being sold in stores!



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