[Favorite tips] Channel Setting

To smooth the channel walls on small channel settings, a roller can
be made from an old millgrain wheel. Carefully grind away the metal
ridges that form the beads, leaving a smooth channel around the
outside of the wheel. Then polish to a high shine. Place this
modified wheel in its handle and roll it over the top of the channel
wall in the same manner you would use to millgrain an edge. The
result is a smooth edge of metal burnished tight against the stones.
This modified millgrain wheel works equally well on bezel set

Brad Simon CMBJ

To channel set stones in a solid plate first lay out the stones on
the plate. Then cut a seat slightly smaller than the stones into
the plate. Next, remove the metal from between the stones with a
wheel bur forming the channel in the plate. Polish the inside of
channel and set the stones using normal channel setting procedures.
Brad Simon CMBJ