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[Favorite Tip] Stonesetting

When pave or channel setting, place a strip of double stick tape in
your stone tray. Then stones can be laid out on the tape in the
same order as in the mounting. The tape will keep them in order
even if the tray is bumped. Brad Simon CMBJ

Bradney, This is one of the very best ideas ‘we’ can offer to other
’newbies on the block’! (clap!..clap!). this is the only and very
best methods of securing the “lay-out” for future diamond /stone
setting. This is a very good idea for measuring different sizes of
stones and having this selection “remembered” while the wax process
is taking effect, rings manufactured, etc. But the stones MUST
’table’ side down to have the tape grip it better! While on this
tape, the stones can also be transported to other benches and no
fear of dropping a stone, or all ! often has this happened?
Thanks for this idea! “Gerry, the cyber-setter !”