Favorite sawblades


I think I have to buy my first new sawblades in almost 20 years!

I did a huge stock up in college…always buying something new to
try and then didn’t use them very fast. Suddenly those hundreds of
sawblades are gone and honestly, I don’t know what the latest in
blades is without spending a fortune.

I mostly cut 18 g. copper to piece together for enameling, sometimes
large pieces. I should probably try to use my scroll saw but my many
attempts haven’t worked out that well and I don’t like the edges or
the loss you get with a nibbler.

Does anyone have a favorite sawblade for your jewelers saw at a
reasonable price. There isn’t much of anywhere to buy them locally.

Karen (in Chicago where we are finally getting summer)

I’ve come to like the Laser Gold brand, precise durable, and seem to
be accurately “milled” or formed. No interest, satisfied consumer.


There are only 3 sources for SawBlades

  1. Swiss (Pike - and all other brands ) Best with no frustrations
    cuts straight and lasts long.

  2. German (Hercules - and other brands ) Okay but the quality is
    not consistent

  3. Indian. (Various Brands) Good for students and other crafts.
    Sizes are not true

I would stick to the Swiss made Saw Blades no matter what brand it
all comes from only one source.

In Chicago Sep should be able to help you.

Regards Kenneth Singh

Ring Tools

I totally agree with the Laser Gold blades from Rio. They’ve always
worked best for me.