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Favorite induction casting machine?

i’m looking for buy a induction casting machine and i read a lot of
this machines;i ndutherm vc400, neutec jzp or shulctheiss semi
automatic. What do you prefer? why?.

thanks and please reply me.
nardon lopez

Take a look at the Topcast machines out of Italy. Very well built.

James McMurray

I have used and worked on Galloni, Manfredi and Swest induction
casting machines. I have not run a Neutech machine myself but my
brother runs a shop with one and it seems to work well for them. The
support they get from Neutech is a million times better than I ever
got working on those other machines. I also know several other
casters that have them and have not hard any negative comments on

And no matter whose machine you buy you will eventually need

support they are complicated tools that occasionally need repair and
replacement parts. If you have to call halfway around the world to
talk to a manufacturer to get troubleshooting help it can be a
nightmare. And paying to have a part air freighted from another
country can be quite expensive and your machine is down while you
wait for it to arrive. The vendors that sell these machines are
just that a vendor, they typically do not have the trained tech
staff to help you with troubleshooting or they will be happy to
arrange to send out the technician ( who is probably a
subcontractor) to fix it at $1000 a day plus travel and meals. So
another advantage to Neutech is you are dealing directly with the
manufacturer which should greatly simplify your support issues. The
Neutech machines are well designed and well manufactured. When you
look at any of these machines check out how they look on the inside.
Look at how the components are mounted look for neat easy to access
component placement. Look at the tech manuals can you read them?
Most I have used were poorly translated and badly printed. Most of
these machines need periodic maintenance, are the instructions clear
on how to do it?

I hope this helped,

Jim Binnion

James Binnion Metal Arts
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Thanks very much for your reply ,i read it a lot times and please
excuse my poor English. in my country i can boy indutherm, neutec or
shulctheiss. i think that the better is the neutec jz-p but the
price is much more than the others. the machine is very simple but
the cooling refrigeration system is more expensive than the others
and i don’t known if this machine is better than the others because
the system is the same in the tree,but the dealers say that this is
the better. What do you think? do you see anybody that works with
indutherm or shulctheiss? how this machines works? the results are
similar or not? thanks for all Mr. James and very nice your mokume
articles and books. thanks


If you are interested, I have a Yasui KT-17 which is only three
years old. (actually I have two). They are very capable machines. I
could let you have them for a song. I even have quite a few
consumables that I can throw in the deal. Contact me by e-mail for
more details if you are interested.

Tino Volpe
Manager, Manufacturing Assurance Engineering, Metallurgist
Tiffany & Co.
300 Maple Ridge Drive
Cumberland, RI 02864-8707

We use the neutech machines and James is right on the money. We are
very happy with the units.

Andy " The Tool Guy" Kroungold
Tool Sales / Technical
Stuller Inc
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Fax 337-262-7791

All I can say is given the choices you have I would go for the
Neutec machine. It is a lot of money there is no doubt, but if you
are going to rely on this machine for your company I think it is the
best out there. The Company is a good one and their service is top

Jim Binnion

James Binnion Metal Arts
Phone (360) 756-6550
Toll Free (877) 408 7287
Fax (360) 756-2160

Member of the Better Business Bureau

Hi, i will buy a jz-p in my country and i will cast all my
production in palladium white gold. is a good machine for this?.
please anybody that have it, tell me all the beneficts of this

thanks for your replys.