Favorite crimps and techniques

Do you all mind sharing links to your favorite crimp beads or alternatives? I had a very heavy necklace break this weekend and looking for more secure methods. Has anyone tried l fire mountain gems screw tite crimps? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

I’ve been using Beadalon 19 (.38mm) with Beadalon #2 crimp tubes and the Beadalon crimp tool.

Hello Peyton,
I’m assuming that you evaluated the reason for the break and determined that the crimp was not tight. I have found that sometimes the crimp tube doesn’t really secure the cable. Tying a slip knot through the finding and then crimping the end before putting the bead on offers better security. When attaching the other half of the clasp, put the crimp on after the last bead, then make the knot on the finding. Pull the end of the cable through the crimp and at least one bead, make the crimp, and glue the cable end inside the bead.

Although I have some ‘scrimps’, I have not used them.

Judy in Kansas, where the cold front left here and went through MS and further east, creating tornados as it went!

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This is extremely helpful thank you! If you are ever in the process of this knot method and you get a chance to take a photo, I would be so grateful. Thanks again for this info.

Re: making a knot on the finding- do you use wire guards with this as well?

Yes, I would also love to see a photo of your technique if it’s convenient.

Hi. I only use sterling crimps. I’ve had others not hold and find that sterling always does. They could be covered with a gold filled crimp cover if your other findings are gold colored. If the necklace is heavy I’d put an extra one on each side. I also use special pliers that round the crimp to look like a bead. Sorry, they don’t have a manufacturers name on them. I haven’t had any fail using this technique.

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I have strung very heavy antique glass trade beads for years and use a heavier line. It sounds as if your problem may be the line you are using and not the crimps. For heavy items I use Soft Touch .024 diameter wire. You will have to use a larger diameter crimp to accomm
odate it. Check out the website (softflexcompany.com) and you can talk with them about crimps needed. I found the soft flex and soft touch products far superior to any other line I have ever used.

Here is the photo of connecting cable by using a slip knot and crimp.
Judy in Kansas