Favorite Art Jewelry Magazines?

Hi to all, I was wondering what your favorite Art, Metals, Sculpture,
Jewelry, etc. magazines are?

I am receiving Lapidary Journal (witch I will let lapse when my
subscription is over), Ornament (witch is wonderful, but I wish they
published more often), and I am about to resubscribe to Metalsmith.
Any thoughts on good informative art mags would be great!

Thanks in advance,
Becky in dry Wyoming


Metalsmith Magazine (Ok, I’m biased, I’m on the Board), Sculpture
Magazine, JCK, Ornament, American Craft and Lapidary Journal are the
American ones.

For overseas, Schmuck (German, really great jewelry) and Object from

I also like Metropolis (urban design) and Architecture Mag.

Karen Christians


I personally love Metalsmith and Lapidary Journal. Those are two I
would keep on hand at all times. As far as others are concerned…it
depends on your needs. I find inspiration from architecture and
fashion magazines. Also, Bead and Button (for website
and Craft Report (I think that’s the name). One of my favorite things
to do is visit the local bookstore and have some coffee and browse
through all sorts of magazines. You never know when something will
spark an idea.

Good luck! Share any new and exciting magazines you find.

Tammy (in hot and humid Missouri)

I very much like Ornament, & Metalsmith. I also enjoy American
Craft, AmericanStyle, Niche, Crafts, which is a U.K. magazine, Glass
On Metal an enamelists magazine, Craft Report & Lapidary Journal.
For Art & SculptuRe: ARTnews, and “Glass.”

I haven’t gotten Schmuck the German magazine in years but it is a
great one!

Jewelry to the Trade: JQ Jewelers Quarterly, Professional Jeweler,
JCK, Luster, & Modern Jeweler.

Online Newsletters I like include the “Dutch Enamelist Society’s
Newsletter,” and “eNAMEL Online Newsletter,” both free.

Best Regards
Sharon Scalise