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Fast Orange?

Fast Orange? I haven’t heard of this before. I’ve seen (not tried)
liquid cleaners that are supposed to have orange oil in them. Do
you mean this is a degreaser that has pumice mixed in? I imagine it
must be a paste. This would be really handy. Save a step.

Lin Lahlum

Fast orange is thick and the size I buy it in has a pump dispenser.
It is great for cleaning metal, and my hands after polishing.
Sometimes I have to go from the buffer to a customer where I might be
handling jewelry on white displays. I need something that removes
polishing compounds fast and effectively so I don’t soil the display.

Applied to metal with a brass brush and a little vigorous scrubbing,
it gives a nice mat finish, and if you have patinated a textured
piece, will remove the black on the high areas which can then be
easily high polished with a pink silicone wheel, or tripoli and or

I use fast orange regularly and it works well to clean hands! I
still recommend good old lava soap to finish but otherwise it works
much better than go joe smells better and no petrochemicals! Yes,
it is a paste