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Fashion jewelry production

Dear friends, Have been in the retail & craft jewelry market for 15
years, make and sell lots of beaded jewelry. Have now been
approached by another designer to help her go national with a line
of her upscale beaded necklaces. I know many suppliers in the New
York area but do not know if there are contract houses for
production - like the stringing. Where do the people who sell 2000
necklaces to Chico having the work done - is it all overseas or do
we have shops here. The fashion jewelry industry is very new to me.
Also looking for suggestions on contacting buyers for large chains
like Littmans, Zales - etc. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, so any
advice would be appreciated.

Thank you
Dina Weavers
High-Strung jewelry

Dina I have been in the fashion end of the business for over 30
years. Lets talk, email me a and let me see if I can
help. But to answer your question about production, I would
definately have it done in China. Doing it here will not allow you
the margins that the department stores demand. Another good place to
start to market your line, would be to the boutique/ speciality
stores. This could be done by attending trade shows across the
country. There are many options open to you, email and we can talk.
Thanks Paul