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Fantastic tool supplier for UK jewellers

This might be of interest to UK metalworkers. I went to see a bloke
this afternoon, who sells machine tool equipment from his garage, in
a village near Loughborough. It’s an Aladdin’s cave, and I bought
brass, tool steel and hss blanks, some small rotary files, and even
some clock reamers (which no-one else seems to sell, or has even
heard of). Most of his stock is related to milling machines, lathes,
pillar drills…etc.T

his isn’t an advert, and I’ve no vested interest in him, but I do
want to do what I can to help one of the last decent, knowledgeable
tool sellers in the country. Everything he sells is high-grade
British manufactured produce, which is a rarity nowadays. He trades
under the name “Kirjeng” and does postal orders if needed. I can
supply phone number, address…etc if anyone wants them.

Jamie Hall

Do you suppose he’d ship to the US?

Thank you,

I have no idea where he’ll post to, but I suppose that it’s worth
asking. I’ll email you his phone number, and you can try. Remember
that it’s a residential address in a different time zone!

Jamie Hall