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Famous manufacturers and their catalogs

Hello Everyone,

I am very interested in collecting a large number of jewelry
catalogs for a professional media project but I don=92t know where I
can find them. I searched a lot and went to many bookstores but
most of them only had jewelry magazines which don’t have enough
pictures or a large enough assortment of products (rings, bracelets,
necklaces, etc).

It is very weird, is it really so difficult to find jewelry

During these times I noticed that jewelry manufacturers don=92t sell
their catalogs to the market and they just send it for their
retailers and also there are some companies which publish catalogs
for selling like RIO GRANDE or SUNDANCE CATALOG, but these catalogs
aren=92t beautiful nor do they carry high-end jewelry manufacturers.

I don=92t know anybody here can help me and show me the way in order
to get some catalogs from famous manufacturers? And as far as
companies that sell catalogs, can anybody recommend the best ones?
Sundance catalog has a lot of explanation but the pictures are not
big enough and it wasn=92t suitable for my project.

I appreciate any recommendations or advice in advance.

Cyrus Ashkani

Cyrus -

I just got 39 hits at eBay when I searched for jewelry catalogs.
Your posting does not include enough info for me to do a more
specific search, but you might want to start there.


Try contacting

Providence Jewelry Museum

From large buildings that archive famous works of art, to tiny,
esoteric storehouses of odd but interesting collections, museums
exemplify our need to accumulate. Tell others about your favorite

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Steve Guyot
Guyot Brothers Co Inc
Decorative jewelry findings & ornamental stampings since 1904

How about looking on-line at the virtual catalogs? Try You may also like
and and (the
last two site are two different sites, though the name is very

JB Dylan also has a paper catalog.

Try Barney’s, Neiman Marcus and fine jewelry stores.


I don’t think you are going to get a different answer here cyrus
patric. I think people are going to be concerned as to the real
reason WHY you want the catalogs.