Fame and fortune ( sapphires and rubies )

Hi Orchidians of Orchid land ,

sorry I was out of orchid for a few months , working on my Web
hosting business and could not give my full attention to orchid But A
fellow orchidain ( Sharron Gray~malaysia ) who is visiting me now
in sunny Sri Lanka, told me about the FAME AND FORTUNE Thread …

Was it shown , Yippeeeee !

I am in the show , explaining about sapphires and How they are
treated and the full process. I dont think the show will be shown in
US as it was done by Discovery Canada. But if you Need a copy I
think I should be able to get you one , I will post the Telephone
number of the producer in Canada and you can contact him direct to
get your details

I have a web Site about the production of the show at


Oh it feels so good to be back

Ahmed shareek

Welcome back, Ahmed!

People have asked before, will the "Stones of Fate & Fortune"
Canadian Discovery Channel series be shown in the US, and the short
answer is that I still do not know. The producer is in talks with his
distributor, but it is in the nature of these things that they take
their merry time. I’ll be meeting with the producer on Monday to
discuss options, possibilities, etc. etc. for a possible season II,
and if at that time I learn anything more definite about US
distribution I will surely pass it on to ORCHID.

Hans Durstling
Moncton, Canada