Fake sterling snake chains are back in the market

I am posting as a reply as the post link is not working In Australia,
and probably the rest of the world, the fake sterling silver snake
chains are back in the market. The have a disc jump ringed on them
stamped 925. They assay silver plated brass alloy. They are on the
net on ebay and the sites or Ioffer and China.com. I also found them
on a site from Maine. The seller sites seem to change so as not to be

I sell snake chain made in Italy and purchased from a reputable
wholesaler, I solder the ends on, they have 925 on the finials and
the catch has 925 on the tongue of the parrot clasp. My chains sales
were down to virtually zero till I combatted this fraud by displaying
a fake chain with the assay report.

Also a client showed me a heavy curb chain assay marked 18KT Italy
assayed gold plated copper. There are also many cubic zirconias from
Thailand and Bali sold as sapphires and zircons etc. Let alone the
amber from Hong Kong, I recently saw a piece with a fly and two
neatly trimmed flower buds.

Here I am telling oldies how to suck eggs, as we say in Australia,
but newbies be very carefull when you buy stock. Trusted suppliers
are just that because they have quality and have been in business for
some time.