Fake granulation

Can anyone think of a way to make a whole lot of miniature wax spheres,
perhaps by using
a soldering torch? These could conceivably be attached to heat-softened or
carved waxes to resemble granulation after casting.
That makes me think of “hundreds and thousands” those multicoloured ~1mm candy
grains (the ones you used to make those yummy sandwiches out of when you
were a kid!).
Has anyone tried attaching them to a wax, then burning out? Or would they
the investment? Or am I just plain nuts?
Any takers…,


Laurence: (its ME again), read Charles “notes on granulation” in the Orchid
articles, he suggests using poppy seeds with superglue. You could try those
candies in your burnout oven just sitting on a brick and see if they
vaporize at burnout temp or turn to black goo. Did you catch the post about
copper plating your silver granules and fusing to fine silver? I may even
try that. Charles tells how to make granules fast in that article

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