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Facts refute "NOT super jewelry glossary"(Trivia)

Juuust a little bit of trivia on the obsidian nodules known as
"Apache Tears" : Arizona Legend tells us that the black stones known
as Apache Tears, found near Superior, Arizona, are the hardened tears
of the Apache Women who wept as they watched their Warriors avoid
capture by the Calvary by choosing to leap to their deaths off the
buttes of a great mountain now called Apache Leap, in the late 1800’s.
Westen Masada I guess…

Used to be, tourists could go out about 60 miles of Phoenix, to the
local caves of Superior, AZ, and dig their own Apache Tears…Those
days are gone…the land is now privately held, patrolled by security
guards. The roads to the caves are closed, and the caves themselves
are sealed off…Ahhh progress. Bah!

As a child, I adored Apache Tears , and would search for them high
and low visiting my family in Arizona each year. Silly girl…lusting
over shiny black tumbled stones…

Lisa,( Lurking like mad…hey…it’s 80 degrees here, and my almond
trees are blooming)Happy New Year everyone…Topanga, CA, USA