Faceting machine

I was hoping those out there might be of help. I am a goldsmith
in the midwest making one of a kind pieces in 14 and 18kt.
Because I live somewhat off the beaten path and I only go to
Tucson every other year. It’s hard to buy one of a kind unusual
stones. I am somewhat leary of doing this thru the mail,the few
experiences I have had have been disappointing. I have been
thinking about doing some in house faceting. The Ultra Tec
machine seems like a good one from what I have read. I would
appreciate any comments you might have about the machine and
especially if anyone can recommend a true discount supplier of
the ultra tec and other faceting supplies.

Steve Ross
Steve Ross, Executive Director,
Michiana Free-Net

Hi Steve

Just south-west of you here in Iowa we are just finishing the
prototypes of a new faceting machine that is easier to use and
much much faster than the Ultra-tech. I’ll get you some
if you want. We were going to be showing it in Tucson
this year but were only able to take the pre-former, which you
might also be interested in.

Jeffrey Everett

Hello Steve.

The best price I have seen on a ULTRA TEC Faceting Machine is
from ROCK PEDDLER Discount Lapidary Equipment & Sypplies.
NOV.-APR. Address is 5561 s. Stockwell Rd. Touson, Az. 85744
Product Info ( 520 ) 889-9853 Orders Only 800-416-4350. FAX
520-889-9853 E-Mail: jridolfi@drake.dnet.net

The owner is also a Master Faceter. And can do ssome wonderful
things with his Machine. During the summer May- Oct he is in
Franklin NC.

I have been to his home there and seen his work first hand.
His name is Bob Ridolfi, his wife is Jeanne. Jeanne is a GIA
Graduate Gemologist.

I have cut some nice stone myself but Bob does a great job.

Steve talk to him before you by a Machine He uses a FACETRON //
Not trying to change your mind. And I would not say anything that
might be taken wrong. But look before you make that investment.

Good luck on your new cutting project. AL

I’d be glad to look at your info as soon as possible

steve ross
Steve Ross, Executive Director,
Michiana Free-Net