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Faceter's Digest [Was: Jerry Dewbre]

Hi Jerry,

Glad to see you found Orchid! You’ll find the folks here very
knowledgable & helpful. There are lots of ‘old pros’ & ‘newbies’,
so ask away, there aren’t any ‘dumb’ questions. You’ll see
several Faceter’s Digest members here also.



I maintain a mail list for faceters (in
digest form), and if you wish to join us, let me know–there are
about 275 faceters on the list, from beginners to award-winning
pros. But don’t be intimidated–the pros are extemely helpful in
solving all sorts of faceting delimas! I am looking forward to
exchanging info with you on this digest!

I'd like to endorse the Faceter's Digest.  It is an incredible 
source of tips & tricks, wisdom and sage advice.  If you've 
ever had any interest in how stones are cut, I urge you to 
email Jerry and sign up!

Tom LaRussa
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