Faceted star shaped

All, I have a half a dozen faceted star shaped blue sapphires. They
are small maybe five to seven or eight points.

They are faceted on both sides and are five pointed stars. I am
thinking about setting them in a band and thought about just burring
out the shape and putting a bead over each tip. Has anyone ever set
this type of shape? I need setting tips and can anyone give me a
source for more of them I bought them from a local dealer for my wife
years ago and have never seen them again.

They are true “star sapphires.”

J Morley Goldsmith and Laser welding

I would be careful with the tips. I have seen them set with beads
in between the points close to the middle of the stone.-T

Hi Jay,

a technique i developed will handle this type of shape. you need a
strong set on 3 of the 5 points, so that you have 2 opposing 1. this
will hold the stone in tension. then, some small depressions, ala
Shep Waldman, and there you have it. Contact me off list.

Mark Zirinsky, Denver
’private cutter buying rough and collections’