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Faceted AAA Aquamarine

Does anyone know of a reputable trade supplier* of round faceted AAA aquamarine in the 3-6mm range?

Rio Grande and Stuller are listing only AA.

*I do not consider Esty, eBay or Alibaba as reputable trade suppliers.

Neil A

If you are interested in dealing with Canadian suppliers, there are many of them here in Toronto!

That would be fine with me but I’d need to find out about import duties or possible import restrictions into the U.S. For whatever reasons I was unable to send pens into Canada some years ago. Not allowed. ???

If you’d be willing to share some names of businesses you trust, please send me a private message.

Thanks for your reply.

Neil A

Hi Neil

Send me your very private email address, not through Ganoksin, please!..:>(

Mine is “” I’ll contact these companies and ask them if they will send you their information.

Hi, Neil -

While we do not describe our gemstones as A, AA, AAA, etc. (as, unlike diamonds, there is no universally accepted standard in colored stones), I have some very nice quality natural aqua. Contact me off-line, if I can help.

Kind regards,

Mary Stachura

Check out Optimagem, they list several AAA Round Aquas on-line. Maybe contact them too?