Fabricating rolled edges

Orchid Members,

I’m interested in fabricating a rolled edge (or “pseudo” rolled edge
perhaps) on a flat pendant. Other than casting, how can this be
constructed? Thanks so much for any ideas.

Jamie King

You could use a round wire soldered together first, then soldered
down to have a rounded edge to a piece. Maybe that helps.


A planetary ring roller = cheapest. The smallest is at harbor
freight…or you can do it on a ring sizer that uses dies to form a
ring around a disc, OR use a round forming anvil ( body work tool
held in a vise does this nicely- you can get a set of 4 useful shapes
for about 20 dollars at harbor freight, they screw into a block or
can be held in a vise) to planish a straight standing edge, then
insert a spring of the diameter you want the roll to be in the end,
and with a rawhide hammer (and the piece embedded in setters cement)
tap the straight edge over the spring, at the last few mm’s remove
the spring and using a round nose plier (preferably coated with
rubber, or plasti-dip brand type stuff) finish the edge, and fun a
filet of solder if you like- if you do solder it, remember to drill a
tiny hole to let out any pickle that may be trapped and neutralize in
soda crystals and water…done…