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Fabricating in palladium?

Hi there – I’m curious about fabricating a piece in palladium. Do I
need any special tools really? I will get some palladium ez & med
solder & metal from H&S. I’m assuming that the soldering is about
the same routine as gold or silver, but higher temp… Should I wear
dark goggles for soldering? Any special soldering tips I should be
aware of? I have a standard propane/oxy set-up with a meco midget
torch and I’m going to first make a fairly simple bezel with jumpring
dangle piece.


Some palladium alloys are softer than platinum by a long way - don’t
make claw settings too delicate, or jump rings too tiny…etc.
Otherwise it’s pretty good, although I do find that customers return
for repolishing more often - so it might be saving them as much as
they think in the long run.