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Fabricating hollow tapered ware

I have been trying to work out how to make rings and bangles which
are crescent-shaped in profile, that is, they are tapered in each
direction from a fat belly to a slim cusp. Put differently, the
outer profile is a circle, the inner profile is a smaller offset
circle. I have seen various examples, both hollow and solid, but
have not found any on making them. Although one or two
examples of the hollow rings have plainly been made from two
pressings soldered together all around the inner and outer
circumferences, most have no seam at all.

I’ve checked Oppi Untracht without obvious result, although he did
mention afascinating miniature snarling iron!

Sounds like anticlastic raising. Michael Good teaches fabulous
workshops on this if you get a chance to take one! Search YouTube -
I put up some video from the last workshop he did for the North
Carolina Society of Goldsmiths. Enough to whet your appetite at any

Try searching the Ganoksin files under anticlastic raising and see
what you find.

Good luck! I LOVED the workshop with Michael, and am really trying
to keep doing what I learned. lots of possibilities!

Beth Wicker