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Eyeglass frames making workshops in Canada?

Hello. I am an optician attempting to learn how to make handmade
eyeglass frames. Is there a course listing somewhere? Are they
only in-class, as I am in Canada! If so, do you happen to know of
anywhere in North America that teaches this, by any chance?

Thanks so much,

Check out Deb Stoner

or, if you are longing to go to New Zealand, Brian Adam

Both are great spectacle makers and great teachers of spectacle
making (or is that making a spectacle of themselves!!!).

Hope this helps,
Linda K-M

I am an optician attempting to learn how to make handmade eyeglass

Two metalsmiths teach workshops in this, Deb Stoner and Bryan – is
it Bryan Adam? of Australia, if I remember correctly, hopefully
someone will chime in. Search on those two names + metalsmith and
glasses and you’ll find them.

Deb is in the U. S.


try contacting Dee Fontans. She has won awards at fabricating
alternative eye wear and is a professional metalsmith with alot of
experience and is in Canada. Calgary if I’m not mistaken. Charles
Lewton-Brain would be the person to contact to get in touch with her
asap… rer

Deb Stoner is the only person I know who teaches frame making.
Though I’ve never taken her classes she has been a great help to me.
She lives here in Oregon.

I’ve made a couple of pair but am still just figuring things out. I
mostly hang out at my local optical shop to try and figure out how
stuff is made.

I’m not posting these pics publicly yet as I’m working on a line.

Contact “European Design” in Toronto. They are verygood friends of
mine, please let them know of your needs. Contact Michael (owner) or
a fellow named “Saw”…they are in 21 Dundas Sq. I,m in Chicago
airport. don,t have their telephone number. He would be very happy
in helping you. but use my name. I have another contact but can,t
get to my suppliers contact list. obviously!!..:wink: regards, EH! I
should be home next Tuesday!

I can certainly recommend Deb Stoner. Although I never took the
eyeglass making workshop with her I was fortunate to be able to take
other classes with her when she was teaching at the Oregon College
of Art and Craft. She is a superb, dedicated teacher. Alma