Eyeglass Brooch - Mann Optics

I just tried to contact mann optics regarding these brooches using
the email address and form on their site, but it bounced.  Do you
have any contact for them?" 

Hi Karen, I got the following contact details from a Mann Optics
catalogue at work:

Toll free Phone:  1800 805 405
Brisbane Phone:  3279 4766
Toll free fax Brisbane:  1800 815 405
Fax Brisbane:  3279 4866

Phone:  61 7 3279 4766
Fax:  61 7 3279 4866

Email:  mannopt@gil.com.au

P.O. Box 77
Sumner Park  QLD  4074

I’m not sure what country you live in but if it is not Australia and
you are trying to contact Mann to make an order you may be better
off to find an optical supplier in your own country. Also, as a
wholesaler they can probably only deal with businesses - just in
case this affects you.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: