Eye Protection & Sodering

    I have always used an acetylene/atmospheric air torch. I just
purchased an oxy/acet. torch (Smith versa-torch).  I need to get
some eye protection. What shade lense should I use with this setup? 

I have used didymium glasses on and off for years. I got them from
Aura Lens at: www.auralens.com

They are light colored enough to not hide what you are soldering
like welding goggles do. They screen out uv light and can be
ordered in your perscription. Or you can get them as clip ons. They
have the added benefit of filtering out brite yellow lite so you can
see solder run better and the metal come up to dull red sooner then
with the naked eye. Glass makers use these alot. I’m always suprised
that more of us jewelers don’t use them more when soldering.

I hope this is helpful.