Eye Protection for lampworking

Mary Barnes

I would work with didymium eye protection on all lampworking. If an
error is to be made do it on the side of caution. Your vision is much
too important to be placing it at risk. Contact the International
Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) at www.isgb.org for the best

Best Wishes
Cathy Wheless

That question/statement was my first time posting and I want to
thank those that have responded …so far. I myself have didymium
glasses. It concerns me that wrong info concerning safety issues is
being taught. I am one of those that teach the old saying, “Safety
First”. If I don’t know something, I research it to get the answer.
I’m concerned that the students that took that class in Lampworking
may think ‘sunglasses’ are the only protection they need even if they
end up using oxy/propane. I wasn’t there so I guess I shouldn’t
judge. I don’t do a lot of glass work right now but hope to get back
into it. I have too many arts that I really love to do! Dividing my
time is a real issue. Silversmithing is my real love and I am
concentrating on work to enter into my first try at a juried show.
Thanks to all and I am excited to have found this group
of people! Mary Barnes

Mary, this is something I’ve been fighting for many years (wrong
things being taught). The problem is that once an idea gets into ‘the
system’, it is very difficult to get it changed, or have the proper
taught. It seems that when it comes to our “art” or our
“craft” we tend to operate on the basis of Myth, Superstition, and
Urban Legend. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to some of
the things that are taught, only “it works for me”.

Fortunately, the ISGB (International Society of Glass Beadmakers) is
taking the right path. Every year at The Gathering, they hold a
Teachers Seminar. It is specifically designed for beadmakers who want
to teach. It lays out a course of recommended at the top
of which is safety, not only eye safety, but ventilation, safe
handling of fuel gasses, etc. To my knowledge, this is the only
course that is being taught on this subject world wide.

Mike Aurelius
Aura Lens Products, Inc.