Eye pins, silk knots, oh my!

I am new to jewelry making and am running into a few obstacles that
I hope someone can help me with. First, I have tried countless
times to upload an attachment to the ganoksin FTP site but without
success. This is to show everyone what I am talking about. Second, I
am looking for double looped short eye pins. The reason it is
double looped is because it attaches to a lobster claw clasp. Where
can I find these short eye pins and/or can I make them myself? If
so, how? Third, the stick part of the eye pin is attached to silk
fabric that has been sewn; tube like. The silk is turned right side
out and it looks like the ends have been knotted. The eye pin stick
is poked into the seam of the knot, but how does it stay in place
without coming out? How do I make those knots at the end? I received
this jewelry piece a long time ago from a friend who brought it back
for me from the Czech Republic and I want to re-create it because I
have not seen it in the U.S. and besides, mine is worn out and I
want to replace it. I promise that my jpeg file will not contain any
virus. But seeing the picture will have my description above make
more sense. If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it.
Thanks, Dolphin

Sorry there is no such thing as a double eye pin, no way to put a
bead on if necessary. Here’s what I sugest. Make you own pin,by
cutting the length you need, leaving room to make your second loop.
As for the knot slipping outtry using a spot of glue on the knot at
the eye pin. Hope this helps. A passer by.