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Eye pin attachment doohickey?


Picture a short eye pin, now look at the stick part, now imagine
there is a small round shaped piece that the stick part fits into.
Got it? What is that small round shaped piece called and where can
I get it? Or can I make it? If so, how? The reason for this round
piece…the eye pin is put (stick part) through fabric and the round
piece is attached from the other side of the fabric so the eye pin
doesn’t come out. If you don’t know what that round piece is but can
give me suggestions as to what piece I can put on the under side so
the eye pin stays in place, I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks,


Dolphin, Have you tried a stud earring back piece? Or even the
plastic or rubber piece that slips on the back of a stud earring to
prevent sticking your skin when you sleep?

Not sure what they are called, but either one should work just fine.



Hello Dolphin, If the “eye pin” is used as a stick pin, than you
want a stickpin clutch. If the “eye pin” is a hinge on the back of
a medal or decorative piece, and the “round piece” is also attached
to the back of the piece, then you want a catch or safety catch.
Both can be found in Rio Grande’s catalog under “Incidentals.” If I
have misunderstood your posting, please rediscribe or give us a
picture on a website. Judy in Kansas

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
237 Seaton Hall
Kansas State University
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(785) 532-2936


One name for it is a “catch”.

You can get them from most any jewelry supplier. Rio Grande
(800-545-6566) has them. Ask for the Gem and Findings department or
get one of their catalogs. They have them in 14k, nickel and SS as
well as base metal.

Hope this is of help.
John Dach


If you’re looking for a permanent doohickey, you’ll probably need to
make something (not sure what). But if you want a removable
doohickey, look into the clutches used to hold scatter pins. You’ll
find them in Rio’s catalog.



Thank you Teresa for your suggestions…I tried the back of a stud
earring and found that with wear and tear on the jewelry item that
it started to shred the silk fabric and I found it too bulky. I had
tried the rubber piece but found that the stick part of the eye pin
was slipping out and therefore becoming unattached from the jewelry
piece. The eye pin is attached to a lobster claw so there is a lot of
movement going on there, taking off, putting on, and so on.

Do you think if I put a little glue at the end of the straight part
of the eye pin and then poke it into the rubber piece, that the
straight part of the eye pin should stay in place and I wouldn’t
have the slippage problem? Thanks, Dolphin



Sounds like your are describing a pin clutch!? They may be threaded
but often the hole in the clutch is filled with a silicon that grabs
the point and keeps it firmly in place.

Cheers from Don at the Charles Belle Studio i SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut1


Dolphin, I am trying to visualize the problem. Could it be weight and
balance? The earring stud was either a screw thread, or a clamp on
that the finding used to stay in place. I know I lost many, both gold
and silver. I switched to the rubber or plastic to both stop loss and
to be able to sleep with the earrings in.

I saw several types of rubber/plastic push ons that remained firmly
in place. This was on top of either of the types of earring post.
None of which needed any glue to remain firm.

Have you thought about doing something to the eye pin to give a bit
of a better grip for whatever you decide to use? I think glue would
be messy.

Cork just came to mind. Perhaps a pellet of cork?

Hope thinking out loud brings some more thought out responses for
you. Teresa